FundraisinG - NOT Just for non-profits!

Recent events have been hard-hitting for small businesses, non-profits and clubs who are now trying to cover necessary expenses. We want to help.

These are your next three steps, and they won't cost you a dime. 


1 . Send us your logo, artwork, and preferred t-shirt color.

2. We create a web store or campaign site for you with product mockups (at no cost), and you decide how long to keep it open (we recommend a week, no longer than two).

3. You promote the store and share the link.


Once orders come in, we will print them and ship them to your customers. Then we cut you a check. 

Let's create a token of support that people can take away from this time. There's no way to lose if we work together, so let's raise some funds!

Webstore/Fundraiser Form

A few of our current webstores

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