What's With The Name?

Beeze Tees: [bees tees] we are often pronounced Breeze Tees, however, there is actually no R. There is certainly a meaning behind the name. When owner Tim Pipp was young, he got his hair cut very short. Soon after his nickname became Beezer. When he started his business, Beeze Tees had a certain ring to it and to this day his mom still calls him Beezer.

How Did We Start?

In 2007, Tim started at Keene State College as a Graphic Design Major. While in college, Tim ran Cross Country and Track under Coach Peter Thomas. Years before becoming a full time coach at KSC, Coach Thomas owned and opporated a screen printing operation. He printed for road races all over New England.

Pete always talked about printing and said it was a great business and that he wished someone on the team would get into it. Well after years of hearing this Tim took the summer going into his senior year to learn basic screen printing skills.

Long story short, Tim printed a tshirt design geared towards running, sold 10 shirts the same day and built up the business from there. After graduating in 2011 Tim went full time into his new venture and the rest is really history.

(Picture of the first shirt we ever printed. Now framed and hung in our showroom to always remember where we came from)

Coolest Job We Have Done?

Well this is probably open for debate around the shop as we have some really cool jobs, but a few years ago a Comedy Central Creative Director (who lives in VT) called and needed a rush on some props for a skit they were doing for the Daily Show with John Stewart. Rush as in next day... We ended up getting the job done and the picture below is a picture of the skit. In front of the actors you see white mugs with the "Uncivil Debate" logo. We printed those mugs!